book discussion groupAs many of you know, our commitment to the arts extends to all genres.

This year, we’re excited to be launching our new series of events to promote literature across the region, with an effort to combine both fun and educational material for teens.

Our programs are going to consist of three components:


First, each literature program will begin with a pre-read of 2 books. 1 of those books will be chosen for its popular appeal, and the other will be chosen for its literary appeal. When possible, we’ll try to find books that are appealing in both categories! The challenge for us comes in finding books that are highly meritorious of attention, but are not usually covered in the normal school curriculum.

For example, for our read on November 15th, we’ll be looking at The Hobbit and Things Fall Apart. Click here for more info.

Group Discussion

The second part of the program is the group discussion. To participate, each student must have read both works in their entirety before coming in to the group setting. This will give us a chance to talk about the real “meat” of the stories, and how we can take the principles addressed in the books and apply them to the students’ lives.


The third and final part of our literary program is to have students engage in a post-read. This is a second pass through the book, either a complete re-read or a partial re-read, depending on the student and the topic covered, in which the student is looking to pull out some of the elements we discussed in the group setting.

The objective is not for them to write a report, but simply for them to come up with further ideas to go along with the group discussion. They will be asked to call us or write a quick email with what they found.

The point is to keep things short and sweet, so that the students can focus on the books themselves, not the thought of doing “yet another” book report for an extra class.

That, in our view, is the key to getting kids excited about the arts.