Our studio space. We can easily clear out the center table to give you tons of room to play!

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I started out wanting to be a professional guitarist. I fell in love with music when I was in high school, and was constantly looking for cool places to go pull together a band or rehearse with a few friends.

I never ended up forming a “real” band, and since we were just a few friends hanging out and playing, I found it was really difficult to find spaces that would let us come in and rehearse, without charging an arm and a leg.

Since I only have two of each, I decided it wouldn’t be prudent to spend them on two rehearsals, and my music career dreams never really got off the ground!

Now that Christian and I opened BlinOwl, we decided to allow time for non-professional ensembles to come rehearse. Whether that’s a couple of friends with a band or a string quartet, we have a nice open space that more or less has decent acoustics!

Obviously we’re not a recording studio, but the space we have allows us to let you play freely, without having to rent it out or annoy your family, neighbors, or anyone else!

Email me a to learn more and schedule a time!