November 15th Book Discussion: The Hobbit and Things Fall Apart

As many of you already know, the two books chosen for this fall’s teen literature program are The Hobbit, by JRR Tolkien, and Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe.

These are two really great books, and we hope you appreciate them! We’ve got the discussion group currently scheduled for November 15th, 2015, from 2:00-5:00.

We don’t ask you to prepare anything specific, other than to make sure you’ve read both books. Come with questions if you have them, and ideas about what parts you liked and what the books means to you!

Why These Two books

hobbit book coverSo why this mix? For two reasons. The first is that we wanted to choose two books that are important (and diverse) parts of the literary canon, but that probably aren’t going to be covered in your high school English class.

The Hobbit is too popular (and most schools don’t cover fantasy, no matter how important the work), and Things Fall Apart is kind of an off the beaten path gem. I hadn’t read it in high school and didn’t know about it until Christian suggested it for this discussion!

It’s a great critique of colonialism and life in 19th century Africa, and while the plot is worlds away from where we are now, some of the underlying themes are equally important today as they were back when the book was written!

things fall apart book coverThe second reason we chose these books is because we think they’re each fun to read.

The Hobbit needs no introduction, and we imagine several of the students will have already read parts of it or the Lord of the Rings series, but not the entire unabridged work, so it’s a great chance to dive in and experience the story in its entirety.

Things Fall Apart is also a good read, and is easy to work your way through. It’s casual writing style makes it more enjoyable than many of the other books that deal with serious topics, so we thought it’s be a good fit.


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