Photography is for Everyone!

blindowlphotoHere at Blind Owl, we’re committed to making arts and photography available to everyone, of all ages and all income levels.

We came up with this idea when our two founders, Ben and Christian, were walking through the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago one day, and it happened to be the monthly free admission day (ok, maybe that wasn’t such a coincidence since, let’s face it, we’re starving artists ourselves!), and we had this realization about how high-falutin the art scene can be.

It struck Christian most deeply, as he watched this young family go through the museum, the kids marveling at every painting as if they were seeing art for the first time. In reality, it’s quite possible they were seeing art for the first time, and were having an unforgettable experience of their lives!

So, we started blind owl. We offer free photography classes and art workshops, as well as play host to other groups who support the arts, including offering a space for small ensemble music groups and reading clubs.

We’re excited to see this dream become a reality, and we appreciate your support, financial and otherwise! Stay tuned for more information about upcoming workshops and events.

Sincerely, Ben and Christian

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