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Last updated: July 14, 2011


At the end of September of 2010, I moved to Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston was calling to me from 800 miles away. (I finally opened my ears enough to hear it!) It is such a beautiful and amazing city and I feel blessed to be here. I am proud to call it home!

My focus has shifted of course (no pun intended), to working on photographs that I have shot here in Charleston and the surrounding Low Country.

I will be launching 2 new sister websites for these photos: and


I still have a tremendous number of photographs that could be added to this site. Currently, I have no plans for when that might happen.


I also have photos on Flickr, including some that are not on this site. Click here to view those.




The Boston Blues Festival Gallery is up and complete with over 800 photos!


I spent Sept. 23rd and  24th (2007) at the Boston Blues Festival.

There was lots of great music and some great performances, and of course lots of photo opportunities. I had a press pass (thanks Mandy and Greg!) so I was able to get some nice shots from the sides (and back) of the Hatch Shell stage, as well as some nice behind-the-scenes photos.

It was a great event! There were 11 performances and 3 Lifetime Achievement Awards were given out:

Sonny Rhodes on Sat.

Chicago Bob Nelson on Sun.

Sir Mack Rice on Sun.

The BBF Gallery is split into 3 sections; one is kind of a "documentary" gallery, which has numerous photos from each performance; one is random and behind the scenes photos; and the third is my favorites from both days.



Gilrein's Gallery added April, 2007

I've done a lot of shooting at the re-opened Gilrein's, Worcester's "Home of the Blues." This gallery contains images from almost 60 different performances!



In case you've been wondering:

can I be the only one who realizes the greatness of his photographic prowess?

I've answered that question with a special Comments section.


(Webster street, Worcester, MA.)

Thank you to Worcester Magazine and Chet Williamson for featuring these 2 photographs (Webster St. and Toni Lynn Washington) in their Night & Day section, and for writing an article about me which appeared in their May 31, 2007 edition.

(Toni Lynn Washington, live at Gilrein's, Worcester MA.)


**This site is a work in progress and will be for some time.**

I don't know if this site will ever be "finished," but at some point there will be lots of photos in each category and a hearty links page, as well as info about me and whatever else I can think of. So, if you like some of the photos you see, keep checking back for newly added ones; I still have thousands of digital pics and negatives to go through.


Robby Roadsteamer at Ralph's in Worcester. More pics here.





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