Coding and Photography Workshop Announced!

coding and photographyToday I’d like to take a moment to announce a really cool workshop we have scheduled for January: Coding Photography: The Computer Science of Digital Photography.

In this workshop, we’ll be going through some of the basic principles of how we, as photographers, can leverage coding to enhance our work.

No, this isn’t an advanced Photoshop class, we’ll actually be diving into some of the fundamental concepts behind what computer scientists do, using Ruby on Rails, which is what many experts describe as the most accessible programming language out there.

PreRequisites to Participate

If you want to participate in the workshop, we recommend you learn Ruby on Rails (or at least the basics) before coming in for the weekend program. That way, you’ll have a better understanding of how the language works, and we’ll be able to get into more details about how we can apply the concepts to photography.

Check out the video below for a brief introduction, or head over to Codecademy, which has a great free walkthrough of a variety of programming languages. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to have fully mastered your coding skills before the class, but working through those Ruby exercises will go a long way. You can also learn more about getting started with Ruby on Rails from


Program Details

This program is being offered through a private grant, and is free to all participants. The program will take place from January 17-January 19, 8:00-1:00 each day.

To register please contact us at to request an application. The process is short and easy, but we will be screening applicants based on your photographic experience (not your programming experience). We will ask you to showcase a few examples from your digital portfolio, as well as answer a few questions about why you want to participate in the workshop and how you think it will impact your art.

The program will be limited to 12 participants. We ask that you submit your application by December 15th to receive priority consideration.



November 15th Book Discussion: The Hobbit and Things Fall Apart

As many of you already know, the two books chosen for this fall’s teen literature program are The Hobbit, by JRR Tolkien, and Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe.

These are two really great books, and we hope you appreciate them! We’ve got the discussion group currently scheduled for November 15th, 2015, from 2:00-5:00.

We don’t ask you to prepare anything specific, other than to make sure you’ve read both books. Come with questions if you have them, and ideas about what parts you liked and what the books means to you!

Why These Two books

hobbit book coverSo why this mix? For two reasons. The first is that we wanted to choose two books that are important (and diverse) parts of the literary canon, but that probably aren’t going to be covered in your high school English class.

The Hobbit is too popular (and most schools don’t cover fantasy, no matter how important the work), and Things Fall Apart is kind of an off the beaten path gem. I hadn’t read it in high school and didn’t know about it until Christian suggested it for this discussion!

It’s a great critique of colonialism and life in 19th century Africa, and while the plot is worlds away from where we are now, some of the underlying themes are equally important today as they were back when the book was written!

things fall apart book coverThe second reason we chose these books is because we think they’re each fun to read.

The Hobbit needs no introduction, and we imagine several of the students will have already read parts of it or the Lord of the Rings series, but not the entire unabridged work, so it’s a great chance to dive in and experience the story in its entirety.

Things Fall Apart is also a good read, and is easy to work your way through. It’s casual writing style makes it more enjoyable than many of the other books that deal with serious topics, so we thought it’s be a good fit.


Where To Download Them

Photography is for Everyone!

blindowlphotoHere at Blind Owl, we’re committed to making arts and photography available to everyone, of all ages and all income levels.

We came up with this idea when our two founders, Ben and Christian, were walking through the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago one day, and it happened to be the monthly free admission day (ok, maybe that wasn’t such a coincidence since, let’s face it, we’re starving artists ourselves!), and we had this realization about how high-falutin the art scene can be.

It struck Christian most deeply, as he watched this young family go through the museum, the kids marveling at every painting as if they were seeing art for the first time. In reality, it’s quite possible they were seeing art for the first time, and were having an unforgettable experience of their lives!

So, we started blind owl. We offer free photography classes and art workshops, as well as play host to other groups who support the arts, including offering a space for small ensemble music groups and reading clubs.

We’re excited to see this dream become a reality, and we appreciate your support, financial and otherwise! Stay tuned for more information about upcoming workshops and events.

Sincerely, Ben and Christian